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A Warm Welcome to the CARES Preservation Program!

CARES logoThere is not a continent on earth whose waters and fishes have not been affected by the devastation and destruction caused from deforestation, pollution, agrochemical run-off, overfishing, global warming, and political unrest, all to the great misfortune of those fishes that remain in their natural habitats. As these tragedies to earth are occurring more rapidly than even the most paramount attempts at intervention can match, captive breeding of species at risk, both within the country of origin and outside of the country of origin, has become the quintessential answer for both short term and long term preservation goals.

Through the sovereign work of dedicated scientists, such as conservation champion Dr. Paul V. Loiselle, the hobbyist now plays a critical role in the favorable outlook of our fishes. If each one of us is to dedicate at least one existing aquarium, or set up one new aquarium, with the intent of devoting that aquarium space to a species at risk, the aquarium hobby as a whole has the opportunity to make a major impact in ensuring a positive future for these fishes. The CARES Preservation Program is a universal means by which, together, we can be successful in achieving this goal.

As your aquarium club or school embarks on CARES, please know that the CARES Team and I are here and always happy to help you in any way that we can! Thank you for your invaluable contribution towards preserving our fishes for generations to come! Because of you, we are making a difference!

With Warm Wishes,
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Claudia Dickinson
CARES Preservation Program Coordinator
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The CARES Preservation Program is about our fish,
and it is about people.
We are one team, working together. Please, clear a tank ~ save a fish!
Because of you, we are making a difference!


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Together, we are making a Difference!
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Together, we are making a Difference!
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